Radio spectrum is a limited and complex resource, comprising hundreds of bands variously suited to dozens of purposes, and subject to thousands of pages of regulations. Both non-federal and government-managed spectrum are in high demand. Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC attorneys routinely help their clients in both areas.

With regard to use of non-federal spectrum, we help clients: 

  • Identify ranges of spectrum compatible with particular applications;
  • Target potential acquisitions;
  • Negotiate the purchase, sales and leases of licensed spectrum;
  • Participate in FCC auctions;
  • Prepare transaction documents, assisting in financing arrangements where needed (with special attention to unique FCC restrictions);
  • Handle the FCC application process, and make closing and other arrangement to obtain FCC licenses;
  • Understand authority for unlicensed operation;
  • Obtain experimental applications to develop novel licenses;
  • Request waivers and rule changes to accommodate new radio-based technologies; and
  • Participate in FCC spectrum-related rulemaking proceedings.

We also work with the U.S. federal agencies -- primarily the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) -- for access to government-controlled spectrum. We assist federal manufacturers and service providers who must work with NTIA when offering systems to the federal government, or when proposing novel radio-based technologies, even for non-federal uses, that use spectrum having a shared federal allocation. 

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