Noncommercial Broadcasting

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC attorneys assist noncommercial educational (“NCE”) radio and television licensees in coping with regulatory constraints unique to the NCE service. NCE stations must deal with the prohibition on the broadcast of “advertising” as that term has been defined through evolving statutory, administrative and judicial underwriting guidelines. FHH attorneys assist NCE stations in drafting of public service operating agreements.

The process of securing construction permits for new or modified NCE FM facilities is markedly different from the corresponding process for commercial FM. It requires close coordination with the applicant’s technical consultant and careful analysis of the applicant’s proposal in connection with comparative criteria applicable only to NCE facilities.

Once NCE stations have received their authorizations, FHH attorneys guide our many NCE station clients – including public and private universities, school districts, churches, religious organizations and other non-profit entities -- through the entire FCC regulatory maze.

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