Inside Wiring

Incumbent and competitive telecommunications service providers often encounter resistance when requesting access to properties to install facilities in order to provide service to customers. The Communications Act and rules implemented by the Federal Communications Commission, as well as applicable state laws and regulations, establish the legal framework under which carriers are afforded the right to access, among other things, buildings, inside wiring, rights-of-way, poles, and conduits. Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC attorneys have broad experience in providing timely strategic advice in all of these areas to enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Our attorneys can assist clients in:

  • Direct negotiations with property owners for access to buildings, exclusive easements (where permitted) for the installation of communications facilities, and exclusive contracts for the provision of telecommunications service in large-scale mixed-use developments as well as small residential communities;
  • Negotiations with utilities for access to poles and conduits;
  • Preparation and filing of comments before agencies to advocate the client’s positions; and
  • Participation in litigation and related activities resulting from a property owner’s refusal to grant access as required under applicable laws and regulations.

The firm’s attorneys provide creative, cost-effective, results-oriented solutions for clients faced with property access issues.

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