Educational Institutions

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC has a longstanding relationship with a wide range of educational institutions, including colleges, universities and governmentally-operated broadcasting networks. FHH’s team of experienced attorneys provides these institutions with a broad suite of legal services tailored to their unique needs in the communications field.

The services we provide to educational institutions include:

  • Broadcasting/Media/Licensing Assistance, with particular attention to the needs of educational media. FHH attorneys assist in: the representation of state-operated broadcast networks; the structuring of relationships with networks and other outside program sources; the establishment of and maintenance of student- or professionally-operated management structure for facilities; licensing of broadcast stations and assistance in the maintenance of those licenses in good order; and Educational Broadband Service (EBS) licensing, operational and spectrum leasing issues.
  • Preparation and implementation of regulatory compliance programs to assist clients in avoiding violations of telecommunication regulations (whether federal, state or local) relative to, e.g., Net Neutrality, Universal Service Fund, financial obligations from taxes and fees, user privacy rights and expectations and E-911 emergency calling obligations. We can also assist in defending against claimed violations of such regulations.
  • Drafting communications-related contracts and RFPs , again, with a particular emphasis on matters affecting the campus environment. Representative subjects include: broadband connections, Wi-Fi, cable television service and/or telephone service for any or all of the client’s facilities which – in a university environment – can encompass offices, classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, dormitories and university hospitals; leasing of space on towers, buildings and other structures owned by the university; leasing space from other parties for use as sites for university antennas; outsourcing and other data processing agreements; Cloud Computing; telecommunications, Internet service, data center and collocation agreements; and technology/equipment contracts.
  • Advice concerning online and social media issues. FHH attorneys can assist in the preparation and implementation of: social media guidelines and policies for employees and/or students; and website and Internet use terms and conditions. We can also assist with distance learning and in navigating the statutory license applicable to webcasting to minimize royalty fees and regulatory obligations.
  • Advice concerning the client’s copyright and trademark interests. FHH attorneys have substantial experience in: applying for federal and/or state copyright and trademark protection; drafting of licensing agreements to acquire or distribute content; intellectual property counseling and training, including in-person or distance learning seminars for radio, television or newspaper staff regarding basic copyright and trademark law principles to minimize the risk of infringement issues.
  • Working with Members of Congress to obtain federal funding for telecommunications services; assisting research foundations at universities with federal funding for new start-up ventures, capital projects and experimental FCC licenses; and assisting public television and radio entities with funding applications.
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