Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC provides comprehensive legal services for the technology, telecommunications and media industries, partnering with clients on transformative deals and innovative solutions to cutting-edge business issues and regulatory concerns. Our attorneys possess a unique understanding of technology, industry, regulatory environments, and business needs – derived from decades of experience. We utilize practical know-how and broad policy experience to tackle challenges arising from the rapid evolution in technology, increasing competition, and the demands of a global high-tech economy. Our experienced team can handle: startup and formation; intellectual property, content and copyright matters; the complexities of Internet law; commercial and technology transactions; RF equipment and spectrum issues; regulatory licensing and compliance; policy advocacy; and complex litigation.

We have clients in every state of the U.S. and in countries around the globe. We serve as counsel to over 1500 AM, FM and TV broadcast stations, wireline telecommunications companies, major financial institutions, state and local governments, equipment manufacturers and vendors, technology start-ups, Internet service providers, mobile radio service providers and users, cable TV companies, fixed microwave suppliers and users.

Internationally, the firm has been employed by private companies worldwide and by the U.S. and other governments for its expertise in communications regulation. We evaluate the impact of U.S. telecommunications policy on international ventures, assist in the sale and development of communications properties overseas, advise clients on the regulatory hurdles involved in foreign ownership of communications entities, and help overseas equipment suppliers satisfy U.S. requirements. Members of the firm offer strategic and technical advice to clients whose varied business interests are directly affected by regulatory changes in foreign and domestic markets and by international treaties, rules, and policies.

In addition to representing established telecommunication interests, the firm has helped several enterprises to launch new categories of products and services, in some cases overseeing major regulatory overhauls. The firm’s views on policy issues are regularly solicited by the United States Congress and congressional staff, the Federal Communications Commission, and various working groups in the government and private sectors. Our attorneys are active and influential as members and officers in industry associations and frequently participate as speakers, panel members, and study group chairs at industry meetings.

Policy makers in the United States and elsewhere are developing telecommunications regulatory schemes to promote competition, respond to innovations in technology and services, and serve the ever-expanding needs of consumers and businesses. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are successful participants in this rapidly evolving global marketplace.


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