Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC attorneys have extensive experience in contract preparation and negotiation.

We have drafted and negotiated hundreds, if not thousands, of communications-related agreements such as:

  • Asset purchase agreements;
  • Intellectual property licensing agreements;
  • Option agreements;
  • Time brokerage agreements; and
  • Tower leases

Our contractual experience does not end there. FHH attorneys have significant experience in many other types of contractual matters, including:

  • Basic real estate leases and sales agreements;
  • Employment contracts (especially for on-air talent);
  • Independent contractor agreements;Option agreements;
  • Limited liability company operating agreements; Asset purchase agreements;
  • Non-competition agreements;Intellectual property licensing agreements;
  • Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements; and Time brokerage agreements; and
  • Partnership agreements

We have helped everyone from freelance writers wanting to publish articles and books, to websites hiring developers, to concert promoters entering into agreements with popular musical acts and the venues where those acts will perform.

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